Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking

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2014 - Apr 26 & 27, May 31 & Jun 01 FULL, Jun 28 & 29, Jul 19 & 20, Aug 30 & 31, Oct 04 & 05


Meet time: 10am

Location: Where water levels are most appropriate


This multi-day class will introduce participants to the world of whitewater (ww) kayaking.  During Day-1 students will be introduced to their ww kayak, practice the wet-exit procedure, begin learning bracing and rolling skills, and research paddling destinations and water levels.  Day-2 (the long day) will consist of hitting the river and learning skills such as river reading, eddy turns, peel outs, upstream ferrying, identifying hazards, surfing basics and more. 


Location for the Day-2 portion of class will vary depending on water levels.  Essentially we will “chase the water levels.”  Because the locations will vary, this means for some sessions we will run short sections of river, while other sessions we will “park & play” to work the most appropriate rapids for the scope of this class.  This also means that our class locations could be as close as 20 minutes, or as far as 3 hours away.      


The Intro to Whitewater Kayaking Class is often taken following our River Fundamentals class.  At minimum, registrants are required to have taken our Intro to Kayak Express Clinic, our full-day Intro to Kayak Class, or another outfitters equivalent class.  After completion of this class consider joining us on a Where’s the Whitewater? Day. Also, clients should check out our Seasonal Gear Store for awesome Special Order deals.


$145/person for Calendar of Events sessions (dates above)

$175/person for private sessions (2 person minimum)


Client Refresher Classes

Taken the class before?  Join us on any of the Calendar of Events Dates listed for a discounted rate!

$45/person/class within 1 year of original class.

Refresher can consist of both days, or just the river day.

To Register for a Refresher please call, 919-416-1200.



Or CALL 919-416-1200

 Feel the rush

Do not register online for trips taking place in less than 4 days.  Please register for these by phone.


The week prior to the date of the class you registered for you will receive a reminder email including a gear list and waiver form.


2 days prior to class date we will email out directions for our class meet location (we can help coordinate carpooling for those interested).  As mentioned above in the class description, we will go where the water levels are most appropriate for the scope of this class.  This could mean a 20 minute drive or up to a 3 hour drive.

Please call if you have any questions.

Directions and List of Items to Bring/Wear (click image below)

Waiver Form required.  Please print, read, sign, and bring with you.