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Family Kayak Primer

Recreational Kayak Instruction

Looking to dive into kayaking?  Our Recreational Kayak Instruction options are a great way to build foundational kayak skills every kayaker should know.

Family Kayak Primer


Family Kayak Primer


Private Sessions for 2+ Participants are Available - Please call or email to schedule

These family classes are set up as part of our West Point on the Eno Outpost or our Traveling Outpost. Classes are 45 minutes long to give participants the basic information they need to have a fun day on the water. Classes are designed for ages 6 and up and for families. All child participants must be accompanied by paid adult.

$12 per person for instruction
All participants must pay for a self guided boat through the outpost where their class is taking place.

***The online registration option below should only be used after confirming by phone or email that an instructor is available for the date you want to get on the water.***

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