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Coastal Kayaks Back Bay

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Coastal Kayaks Back Bay


Coastal Kayaks Back Bay


Frog Hollow Fleet Kayak - Used Kayak

Type: Recreational Kayak

Material: Polyethylene

Length: 9”6”

Weight: 40 lbs

Condition: Good - numerous scuffs and scrapes but all are cosmetic, oil canning but does not effect the handling of the kayak

Included Accessories: Basic Paddle and PFD:

The founding philosophy of Coastal Kayaks is to bring kayaking back to it’s “Seagrass Roots”. The Back Bay represents that ideal by providing a super-stable platform for beginner paddlers who want to explore their shore. The focus for this boat was to increase the accessibility of the sport of kayaking. We believe that kayaking should be easy for everyone, and the Back Bay makes that goal a reality. The large, comfortable cockpit is easy to get in and out of, and the wide hull and control-chine design provide the stability you want in order to be comfortable and confident on the water. This is a great kayak for paddlers of any skill level who are looking for a simple, easy way to get on the water.

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