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CSN - Get On Board, SUPs Hit Triangle

Excerpts from:

Community Sports News – Spring 2015

Get On Board SUPs Hit Triangle

By Caroline Gilmore

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) originated in Hawaii as an off-shoot of surfing.  In 2013, SUP was cited by the Outdoor Foundation's  Outdoor Participation Report as the most popular outdoor activity among first time participants in the US. It offers a fun, relaxing way to play on the water and provides SUPers with a full-body workout.  SUP is a huge industry with opportunities for participantion on whitewater, flatwater and oceans.

SUP is done on specialized boards that measure from under 9ft (for surfing and children) to 12-14 ft (for touring) in length and have one to three fins underneath the [tail] for increased tracking and stability.  SUPs are propelled across the water using long canoe-style paddles that are about 5-7" longer than the height of the SUPer.

Several Triangle area businesses offer SUP classes ...

... Frog Hollow Outdoors offers two types of SUP clinics.  Their SUP Express Clinics ($48) cover how to get on and off boards, paddling strokes and techniques, proper stance and turning methods.  These 90-minute clinics are held on Falls and Jordan Lakes, and the Eno River from April through October.  Their River SUP Fundamentals Clinics ($95) are introductory moving water sessions covering river reading skills, safety techniques, proper stance, bracing, and turning methods.  These 4-hour clinics are held mostly on Class I/II whitewater on the Neuse, Haw, or Eno Rivers from April through November.  Frog Hollow uses 9-12 foot boards (weight limit 250-300lbs) and recommends a minimum age for a group clinic of 12 years.  Natasha Teasley of Frog Hollow said clinic participants should expect to: get wet, be successful even if balance-challenged and receive a total body workout.

... My limited SUP experience has been wonderful and I encourage everyone to get out and try it.